Kingsford and MCC Land behind $890 mil bid for Chuan Park in biggest en bloc deal of 2022 so far

Now that Normanton Park is totally marketed, Kingsford has simply another upcoming development, specifically the 142-unit new project at Slim Barracks Rise. It had won the site in a government land tender last September with a proposal of $162.388 million ($ 1,210 psf per story ratio).

Item on the schedule was to provide an update on the percent of units (by strata location and also by share value) that had actually authorized the supplementary joint agreement to change the book price to $890 million. According to sources, the identity of the designer has not been disclosed to the owners of Chuan Park yet.

Period Realty, the marketing firm for Chuan Park, declined to comment for this story. Kingsford Development can not be grabbed remark.

The brand-new reserve cost of $890 million is simply 5% below the original rate tag of $938 million. The first collective sale effort made by the …

Two-bedroom penthouse at Suites at Orchard selling for $2.27 mil

Suites at Orchard benefits from its proximity to the Orchard Road buying belt and also the arts and heritage area at Bras Basah and Bencoolen Street.

There are five store domestic advancements that line Handy Road, a brief roadway on the edge of Mount Sophia. Suites at Orchard is the home closest to the Plaza Singapura mall, and situated close to it is the Haus on Handy, which is anticipated to be completed following year. Also in the area is The Luxe, a store growth with simply 20 apartment or condos for lease that was completed in 2007. There is also Nomu, which includes just 50 apartment or condos as well as was released offer for sale in 2006 and completed in 2009. There is The Cathay Residences, which is component of the mixed-use development The Cathay, a landmark situated at the end of Orchard Road.

However, the condo has …

Importance of Reputable Contractors for Home Renovation

With the many home renovation projects around, choosing the right contractor can be quite challenging. Of course, the cheapest is not always the best, but selecting a company that offers great service and specializes in what you need is going to be important. But before you call any contractor, there are a few things that need to be considered:

The first thing is to know what you want. What do you want done, and how are you going to get it done? For example, if you are updating an old house, there are many contractors out there who can do the work, but finding one that has the experience with older homes and structures will be vital. Asking for referrals from friends or family helps, but it is also important to check out samples of their previous work.

In addition, be sure that you understand exactly what you are getting. …

Main Factor For Residential Property Price Increase

Inflation is the main factor behind residential price increases. It is easy to understand that if you are paying a fixed amount for a house or land, every time that you move in you will be charged more. You can also choose to buy a property with a fixed amount in mind. The problem comes when you do not know how much residential prices are going to be when you make such a commitment.

Most of us are stuck with the concept that residential prices will always be higher than they are right now. This is because we cannot change the fact that a recession brings about a rise in prices. If you have been lucky enough to avoid this because your cost of living has been cut by a great margin, then you have some catching up to do. If you are living on a fixed income, it is …

Advantages of Leasehold and Freehold Properties

If you are in the market to buy a building or landed property in Singapore, then you need to be conversant with these two terms, freehold and leasehold, common legal speak used by solicitors to describe the two kinds of legal property ownership contracts. In Singapore, by virtue of its small size, land is a precious commodity and 76{5f3e3e57d4d02bea0477022c6e25ebb7c420dc7caf974d3cc78b2cdb1312911b} of landed property belongs to the government. Buyers can either enter an agreement to purchase the property out rightly or lease it from the government for a specified number of years, after which the land reverts back to the government.

Freehold Properties in Singapore

Freehold refers to an ownership agreement that involves outright purchase of land or property, a total transfer of ownership from the government to the individual. This type of contract grants the property owner exclusive rights to the property for the rest of their lives. The advantage of …

Holland Village Eateries

Great locations do not just exist; they are masterfully done by design and intent. When you think about the nature of the location, one of the things that often stand out is convenience. This is an important consideration that serves to enhance the quality of life. One of the most outstanding locations that warrant your consideration is the Holland Village.

Holland Village Nightlife Spot

The Holland Village is a spectacular hub of activity that hits all the right notes when it comes to balance and trends. With its plethora of exciting spots, one can never go wrong in Holland Village. Here are some of the outstanding reasons why the Holland Village is the place to go to, when it comes to visiting and making strategic real estate decisions.

If you are looking for a location that is teeming with life and is a favorite spot for the youngsters, Holland Village …

Singapore Botanic Gardens at Bukit Timah

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is Asia’s top-ranking garden on TripAdvisor since 2013 based on Traveler rating. At more than one-and-a-half centuries old, the gardens is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the league of tropical gardens and was declared during the 39th session of the UN agency in 2015. In 2008, the gardens received a 3-star rating by Michelin and the International Garden Tourism Awards awarded it the inaugural Garden of the Year Award in 2012. In Malay, the gardens is known as the Kebun Bunga Singapura.

Singapore Botanic Gardens UNESCO World Heritage Site

Its founding in 1859 is credited to an agri-horticultural and until now occupies the original 82 hectares. During the rubber trade boom in the 20th Century in the region, the Singapore Botanic Gardens was instrumental following the spearheading of plant cultivation research by Henry Nicholas Ridley who at the time was the scientific director. The …

Sixth Avenue MRT Station Downtown Line MRT

Sixth Avenue MRT Station is a signature MRT Station that is located on the Downtown Line. Sixth Avenue MRT Station is nestled in the neighbourhood of Bukit Timah where there are many upscale developments. The presence of this MRT Station helps to bring in more convenience for residents living around the Bukit Timah area as traveling to Bukit Panjang as well as the city area is convenient and direct. The Downtown Line links directly to the city without having to switch trains. The MRT Station is located near to the upcoming Fourth Avenue Residences at Bukit Timah by Allgreen Properties.

Sixth Avenue MRT Station Bukit Timah Road

Sixth Avenue MRT Station is located at the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Fourth Avenue. There are a number of hotels as well as childcare centres located near to Sixth Avenue MRT Station including Gem kids schoolhouse, Caring Childcare Pte Ltd, Odyssey …

Hwa Chong Institution Educational Institution

Hwa Chong Institution is an independent boys school that has a high school and college section. The high school is solely for boys only, but the college also admits girls from the Nanyang Girls’ High School. It is located in 661 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore. It is a subsidiary of the Hwa Chong Group of Schools. The institution aims to nurture leaders who will serve the country in the government, research and industries. The institution is keen to ensure their students are disciplined to prepare them to become future leaders. Students get demerit points for bad behavior. For serious offenses, a range of punishments may be administered from suspension, caning, detention or worse expulsion. Please see how we can use mortgage loan to finance your property as well as efficient ways to do landscape for your home. There are also benefits to use solar energy as green features for your …

Nanyang Girls High School at Bukit Timah

The Nanyang Girls High School in Singapore offer a wealth of training and development courses and curriculum to create leaders in society. The school is founded on the principles and values of the 3Rs – (Reflective, Responsive, Responsible) – and a diverse and rich curriculum that forms leaders in society with talents, intelligence, wide cultural experience, and empathy for Tengah Plantation Close EC others in society. The school is built around the values imparted by a dedicated and respected set of teachers and trainers.

Gifted Educational Programme for Nanyang Girls High School

What is perhaps the most exciting about Nanyang Girls High School is its program for the Mentally Gifted that focuses on intellectual gifts of intelligence and talents which is known as the 3Rs+ Talent Development Program. Students are also encouraged to excel in not just traditional subjects like Mathematics and Science through Olympiads but also through music – …