Hwa Chong Institution Educational Institution

Hwa Chong Institution is an independent boys school that has a high school and college section. The high school is solely for boys only, but the college also admits girls from the Nanyang Girls’ High School. It is located in 661 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore. It is a subsidiary of the Hwa Chong Group of Schools. The institution aims to nurture leaders who will serve the country in the government, research and industries. The institution is keen to ensure their students are disciplined to prepare them to become future leaders. Students get demerit points for bad behavior. For serious offenses, a range of punishments may be administered from suspension, caning, detention or worse expulsion. Please see how we can use mortgage loan to finance your property as well as efficient ways to do landscape for your home. There are also benefits to use solar energy as green features for your home.

Hwa Chong Institution Enrollment 4000 Students

Hwa Chong Institution enrolls approximately 4000 students across the six levels in the institution. Students get into high school at the age of thirteen. After studying for four years, they proceed to college in preparation for the GCE �A’ levels final examinations. The student-teacher ratio is 13:1, therefore, the students get the necessary attention from the teachers. The school has also shown academic excellence since it has had 54 Presidential Scholars. The college’s Humanities Programme has also produced a significant number of students who study abroad in universities such as Oxford, Harvard, Peking, and Yale. The school also offers special programmes which allow students to specialize in a particular degree. Some of them are the Humanities Programme, Research Studies, and Art Elective Programme. The institution also avails an exchange programme with schools across the Asia-Pacific.

Hwa Chong Institution Ten Laboratories

Hwa Chong Institution has a research center that has ten laboratories. Students are therefore guaranteed all the necessary learning equipment. Besides researching disciplines in the typical curriculum, they also have an opportunity to research other disciplines such as biotechnology and microbiology, pharmaceutical sciences and robotics and engineering. Research laboratories are vital to cultivating a spirit of research and innovation in the students. Hwa Chong institution is also endowed with other resources that ensure learning goes on smoothly in the school. They include lecture theatres, a library, table tennis room, classrooms and a carpark among others.’

Hwa Chong Institution Work and Play

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Hwa Chong institution offers co-curricular activities to the students. One of them is sports which comprise judo, rugby, football, basketball and water polo among others. There are also uniformed groups such as scouts and the St John Ambulance Brigade. The school also has the drama club, choirs, and even music classes. Students are also allowed to compete with other schools both academically and in co-curricular activities through competitions, symposiums, and conferences. The Hwa Chong Institution has also produced some of the most influential people both in Singapore and in other countries. Some are Tan Chin, CEO of Tanfura, Ong Teng, Singapore’s fifth president and Hoo Cher, the chief of the air force. Hwa Chong institution provides the best learning environment and guarantees nothing other than excellence.

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