Nanyang Girls High School at Bukit Timah

The Nanyang Girls High School in Singapore offer a wealth of training and development courses and curriculum to create leaders in society. The school is founded on the principles and values of the 3Rs – (Reflective, Responsive, Responsible) – and a diverse and rich curriculum that forms leaders in society with talents, intelligence, wide cultural experience, and empathy for others in society. The school is built around the values imparted by a dedicated and respected set of teachers and trainers.

Gifted Educational Programme for Nanyang Girls High School

What is perhaps the most exciting about Nanyang Girls High School is its program for the Mentally Gifted that focuses on intellectual gifts of intelligence and talents which is known as the 3Rs+ Talent Development Program. Students are also encouraged to excel in not just traditional subjects like Mathematics and Science through Olympiads but also through music – students can learn two instruments and reading of music notation – and art as an avenue of excellence. This is perhaps the most impressive achievement of this institution – that it offers holistic development of students giving them a well-rounded and rich formation early in life. Please also see the finance website for your loans as well as the right mortgage brokers to apply for a mortgage loan for your property. There are different mortgage insurance packages available for your consideration.

Achievements and Milestones Nanyang Girls High School

The school has so many awards and recognition from the government and other regulatory bodies around them that we could speak for hours just about the awards alone. Some of the awards the school has got include SQA in 2013 (Singapore Quality Award for Business Excellence) in recognition of world class excellence attainment, SEA (School Excellence Award) and SDA (School Distinction Award) which is the highest level of the Masterplan of awards for the Ministry of Education framework for excellence in school processes and excellence in holistic development, 3 BPAs (best Practices Awards) for best processes and practices, 6 SAAs (Sustained Achievement Awards) for reaching sustained levels of high achievement in the field in which it was awarded like academics or sports, and Business Excellence Certifications like SQC (Singapore Quality Class) and I-Class (Singapore Innovation Class) certifications, and the list goes on. There are more awards, but these are the significant ones.

Uniquely Holistic All-Around Development at Nanyang Girls High School

Perhaps the greatest quality of this school is its capacity to train children in all areas of life and not just in studies as is done by some institutions. The 3Rs (Reflective, Responsive, Responsible) are the foundation of this focus, but the plan for the student goes far beyond just moral and character development. Students are encouraged to excel and flourish in an atmosphere of talent enrichment that goes far beyond a single aspect of student’s achievement and encourages them to become well-rounded individuals capable of leading and guiding others in society to higher levels of enlightenment and social fulfilment. Music, Mathematics, Olympiads, Art, Sports, Dance, Cultural Activities, Bicultural Bilingual Development in Eastern and Western Culture that trains students in both the ways of the Chinese people and the ways of the Western world and international trips to China, US and the UK or other countries form the rich and creamy icing on the cake as far as the merits of this school are considered. This school is unique! And it encourages excellence in every aspect of one’s life. Those who have formed the student body and alumni in this august institution can consider themselves lucky indeed. They have received true formation that encourages emergence of leaders who will make genuine and lasting contributions to their families, their societies, their cultures and even their nation as a whole.

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