National Junior College Mission as an Educational Institution

National Junior College obtains an excellent opportunity for pre-university students. This College offers you a two-years longe course for pre-university students and a possibility for Integrated Program for a period of six years. Both departments perform you chance to acquire Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level qualification. This College of the Nation is established in Singapore. With a history, nearly 50 years old, this institution announced by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew as a super secondary boarding educational institution, received first students 1969 year with enormous honor. This is the spot where is gathering the best of the best young people. National Junior College is one of the leading institutions for former leaders and students with a sensitive sense of Honor, which provides a vast spectrum of education in every field.

National Junior College Mission as an Educational Institution

The mission of our institution is to inspire young people with feelings of honor and wish to serve with the jowl. Our point is to make from our students, people with integrity, understanding of loyalty and at the same time people with flexible thinking and prepare for creativity. Students also have an opportunity here to learn with other students from all around the world. To see an unfamiliar culture and feel alternative ways of thinking. National Junior College was the first junior College with a German language learning possibility. Please also see the diy renovations that can be done for developments near to your home. These are easy kitchen renovations that can be done for your development.

Merits of National Junior College

Merits of National Junior College are one of our pillars of existence. A goal of our work is to plant in our scholar’s merits like comity, unselfishness, springiness or enterprise. These values are pillars, which should be in character in all our students. This is guidelines, which will secure the future of our young people and the future of the hole our community and nation.

Comity is critically important because without respects of others there will be no respects at all. And respect is the essential aspect for dialog and normal function of society. Understand of other represent the beginning of cooperation and each other understanding and tolerance. Unselfishness endures equally a big condition for an active relationship between people. Our students need to be a role model for tolerant and altruistic behaving. It isn’t enough solely to help when someone needs help, our duty is to prevent something bad to happen.

National Junior College to Nature Young People with Skills

Certainly not less important, springiness gives our young people able to be skillful and be prepared to stand up when it’s the most difficult. People who are learned to understand emotions and nature of a situation. With a positive attitude, ready to solve any obstacle and be capable to separate well from evil. All these values are worthless without enterprise. Everything is absurd if our students don’t have modern ideas and initiation for further development. So, all these values together make our students prepared and ready to manage our society and remain our future leaders.

Our philosophy is to enable our students to go through the one healthy and full of joy environment. To become capable and responsible leaders with honor to serve there own community.

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