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    Thank you for your interest in Fourth Avenue Residences. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and suggestions. If you have any enquiries on the project or have any issues accessing our site, please do not hesitate email us at admin@fourthavenue-residences.com.sg for the quickest response.

    Before you will visit the Arena Residence show flat you should know some things regarding abilities and financial positions .Your actual purchasing power depends on the number of assets under your name but also on the income you get every month,at the end .The amount of loans you can borrow are not dictated by the loan caps which are seated by the bank but by the financial commitments. You should know that it is crucial for everyone that might have the though to buy and be a buyer to understand those facts before visiting .

    Using Central Provident Fund Usage for First Time Buers

    If we talk about becoming a buyer we have to pay attention at our central provident fund usage and this is going to depend on whether you are subsequent or first time buyer .If you are a buyer for the first time the maximum funds you need to utilize are all the funds from your ordinary account .But if you are buying a second asset there is a minimum required ,$75.000 in your ordinari account or special account.

    Another crucial aspect that usually buyers ignore is loan approval in principal or AIP .It is an important think to have because it will guide you when you will be setting the property buying buget .If you have this think you will be capable to know what is the amount that bank can loan for you when it comes to the property purchase .Do not worry ,it is free to do it and it will only take 3 days have your request processed .These are some documents you are going to need :dully filled application form ,copy of passports for the purchasers,HDB page ,recent one year IRAS Tax Assessment Return,latest three months payslip,declaration of all credit ,recent one year CPF contribution.

    Additional Buyer Stamp Duty For Multiple Properties

    Next we talk about the additional buyer stamp duty bracket and this is another key element to take in consideration .If you are a Singapore resident,the first property is free from ABSD.If you are going to buy more properties there is going to be a tax at a rate from 7 percent to 10 precent from the buying price .The first property will be taxed at a rate of 5 percent if we talk about permanent residents.

    There is a full scheme used in most condominium projects and you will have to pay a 5 percent in cash for getting to option to purchase ,after two weeks you will get into your account from your developer sales and the purchase agreement and with this one you have to get to your solicitor’s office in three weeks .If the contract would not be exercised you will be oaid with 75 percent from the fee paid.

    Alternatively, should you prefer us to contact you for your enquires, please do drop us your contact below and we will get back to you the soonest.

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