The Grand Stand at Turf Club Bukit Timah

Located in Bukit Tuma, one of Singapore’s prestigious neighborhoods, The Grandstand occupies an area of almost one million square feet, and balances convenience, accessibility, serenity and privacy. It is commercial center nestled in a verdant Bukit Timah Road’s landscape.

The Grand Stand at Turf Club Singapore

The grounds and buildings once housed the Turf Club of Singapore which has gained popularity thanks to its immense staff who have demonstrated their loyalty to the company by working there throughout their professional lives. At the time approximately 3500 people, all addicted to racing games, were resident in the area. After being briefly converted to military parking and hospital during the Japanese siege, the land was restored to the STC and in 1947, after two years of restoration, the races slowly resumed. After its doors has been officially opened in 1960, the North Grandstand has been erected in 1981 to meet the needs of a growing number of people dependent on race.

The Grandstand provides a parking space, that is likely able to accommodate more than 3800 vehicles, which saves you the hassle of parking so that you can spend an exceptional day, alone or with your peers.

Integrated services for a satisfactory experience

In Singapore you will find very little else where you can dine, go shopping and play in lush vegetation and vast spaces. At Grandstand, you will relax in the purity of nature, nature while enjoying a wide range of fun, cultural and commercial activities, including one of the largest used car parks.

Wide range of activity for everyone at The Grandstand

The Grandstand is made up of a rich array of commercial activities such as restaurants, shops, leisure, beauty treatments and many other services. The particularity of the place is expressed especially by the presence of the center of purchase of used cars which is in the heart of the place, without forgetting the big educational centers such as the schools, the set of games and the learning centers.

In 1933, at the opening of the Grandstand Timah many found it very interesting. Over the last 50 years, innovation, creativity, and genuineness have kept the charm of this place unaltered. The Grandstand is the perfect place to spend all day with your family. There is an activity for everyone, depending on the interests. From indoor activities, to racetracks, and specially designed Fidgets kids … not to mention Indian restaurants, and Great Mall, Grandstand is definitely a place you’ll enjoy visiting if you have never come there before.

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