Allgreen Properties is a giant of real estate in Singapore. Its implementation dates back to the time when it started as a division of Kuok (Singapore) Limited in the early 1980s. Located in Singapore, Allgreen Properties Limited is actually the real estate branch of Kuok Group, since 1986. It was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in May 1999 and was then majority-owned by the Kuok Group. Today, Allgreen is one of Singapore’s largest real estate groups, and its reputation has been built on the quality of its products and services, as well as its previous
achievements. With 35 subsidiaries, the Allgreen Properties group now has 13 associated companies.

Allgreen Properties Real Estate Developer in Singapore

In the Singapore real estate market, Allgreen Properties has a diversified portfolio. Its properties ranges from residential spaces, commercial spaces, offices, and extends to residential hotels, and a hotel. In its policy, Allgreen Properties buys land from individuals and groups. It works in collaboration with the government by participating in the land tender, which allows it to selectively and permanently enter a land bank. That said, Allgreen’s portfolio of development properties consists of condominiums, terraces, etc., under 99-year lease regimes.

Allgreen Properties Joint Ventures

In addition, in accordance with its regional expansion strategy, Allgreen Properties has also entered into various agreements to conduct joint ventures in the Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qinhuangdao and Tangshan metropolitan areas in the People’s Republic of China on construction projects for acquisition of serviced apartments and hotels. It also acquired a prime site in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to develop a condominium project, and another site still in Viet Nam but in Vung Tau, for mixed development. From its position as a real estate giant in Singapore, the Allgreen Properties Group has a portfolio of quality residential and commercial properties that meet a wide range of needs and is accessible to buyers’ budgets.

Allgreen Properties Customers

In addition, through its filial Leo Property Management Pte Ltd specializing in providing support services for the group’s properties, Allgreen Properties is committed to serving its customers. In fact, the role of the LPM Branch is played in conceptualization, planning, design development consulting, management of construction contracts, supervision and monitoring of building sites, budget management and payments progressive. This mission supports and supports the actions of the Allgreen properties group in the development of residential, commercial, hotel and serviced apartment projects.

Allgreen Group’s portfolio impresses by the size of its properties. We have, among others, The Great World City, Tanglin Place and Tanglin Mall. The 18-storey Great World City, with its two office towers, three-storey shopping center, and three basements, is one of Singapore’s largest real estate complexes. Not to mention, its 304 apartments with facilities and complete equipment.